The Tooth Fairy

Great excitement in the Grant house this weekend. Littlest Grant lost his first tooth. He’s a bit late to the whole tooth-loss rite of passage as most of his classmates have been sporting gloriously toothless grins for months. For a while now LG has been thoughtfully gripping his front teeth and trying to jiggle them, so the excitement when he had a real live loose one was almost palpable. Every day for a fortnight we’ve had a blow-by-blow account of its advancing state of wobbliness and on Saturday out it popped. Never has a child been more delighted by the loss of a tiny incisor and he insisted I document the occasion…like I wasn’t going to. DUH!

And here it is…the actual real tooth.

Noah Tooth 2 mono web

And its happy gappy owner.

Noah Tooth mono web

Ignore the hair. Mr. G took both boys for a hair cut on Saturday and apparently it was National All Hairdressers Must Wear A Blindfold Day. Please don’t tell me there is no such day because for the sake of my marriage that is the story I made up to excuse him.

Technical info:

Canon 5D Mk II

Bounced Flash


Canon 100mm F/4.0 1/200


Canon 50mm F/4.0 1/200

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