Raunds Choir Recording Session

This week one of the choirs I sing in was fortunate enough to be invited to use Ferrers’ School recording studio. This was all thanks to our assistant director Chris. We managed to pick the hottest day of the year so far for our session and sitting in the studio was like being popped in the oven at Gas Mark 8! I think we shed several pounds each during the couple of hours we were there!

The heat made it difficult to stay in tune (never an easy task anyway!) and there were several re-recordings but we rallied to the occasion and most importantly had a great time. We recorded some of our favourites, including The Pace Egging Song, L’il Liza Jane and Lark in the Clear Air.

And of course as the girl-with-the-camera, I couldn’t resist a few shots.

Technical info:

Canon 5D Mk II

Although there was bright sunshine outside, inside the studio the light was relatively dim. The lights were off because switching them on would have been akin to turning the oven temperature up to max, so I relied on high ISO (1000) and my trusty Tamron mid range zoom, opened wide.

Tamron 28-70 F/2.8

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