iPhone Portraits

Hipsta Portrait 135

I primarily shoot portraits but have never thought of the iPhone as a portrait camera. It isn’t really. it’s a fairly wide-angle lens and wide angle lenses aren’t terribly flattering to faces, particularly noses! Basically, the longer the lens, the more the features are flattened and flattered. Many pros use a 70-200mm lens. I love my 135mm prime. But nothing ventured as they say and as I was having fun with the Hipstamatic app I thought I’d have a play. Children seemed to me to be good first subjects as their noses are small anyway, and their eyes are large in relation to their head size, which means they don’t seem to be as distorted by the wide angle lens. Anyway, here are a few which I took before my willing victims got bored and wandered off to play Minecraft.

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Images Copyright symbol Debra Grant 2015