Hipsta 120

I’m so late to the Hipstamatic party I know. Like a lot of folk I’m wedded to my iPhone 6: I text-chat and WhatsApp with friends, surf the web, use Facebook and play the odd game. It’s weird then that as a keen photographer I never really used the iPhone camera for anything other than photographing important communications from my son’s school (to keep them in one place), shopping lists, gift ideas etc., and the odd social  media profile selfie. Recently that changed when I took a short course with BPSOP  under Holly Higbee Jansen. It was a spur of the moment enrollment because it looked fun and I fancied doing something a world away from my DSLR. Sometimes shaking things up a bit can be a good thing and give us a fresh perspective.


One of the first apps she introduced us to was the Hipstamatic app. I cannot tell you how much fun this is. I love shooting film with my little Holga camera but I’m impatient and hate having to wait for my film to be processed and my prints to be delivered. Print processing is also rather pricey! The Hipstamatic camera allows me to change lenses and film and the results are as variable and quirky as with my Holga but with the advantage is that I can see them instantly and try again, or use a different angle, or just take loads of shots until I get one I like. And if one lens and film combo isn’t working I can just discard them and try again with something different, a luxury not available to me with the Holga.

Initially over a weekend I rejoiced in taking snapshots. I’ve always love the out-take moments in family life and the Hipstamatic camera seems tailor-made for them.

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Images Copyright symbol Debra Grant 2015