A Question of Ethics

Digital illustration of a dna


Ok this isn’t anything to do with visual psychology, but medical and scientific ethics is also something I think about quite a bit both in relation to medical funding issues and also with regard to the question of how much it’s ‘right’ for us to interfere with nature.

Obviously because of my work the area I’m most interested in relates to vision, and recently I’ve been reading a lot about inherited eye disease. Continue Reading →

GLS #2 – All the World’s a Still Life Stage


Onions crop GR fin webImages Copyright symbol Debra Grant 2015

I love still life. I really do. A few years ago I studied for a Humanities degree with the Open University…just for fun. I studied History of Art and learned that fine art has a hierarchy of genres. Still life is considered the lowliest genre but there’s something about it which appeals to me over enormous religious and historical statement pieces and magnificent landscapes. It’s the intimacy of it; the careful arrangement of objects which together form a narrative. Why were they chosen? Why were they placed just so? Where is the light coming from? What shadows does it cast and what do they add to the image? Continue Reading →

GLS #1 – Doors ‘n’ Windows

France 200


A door just opened on a street

A door just opened on a street–
I, lost, was passing by–
An instant’s width of warmth disclosed
And wealth, and company.

The door as sudden shut, and I,
I, lost, was passing by,–
Lost doubly, but by contrast most,
Enlightening misery.

Emily Dickinson

Isn’t that a beautiful simple little poem? I discovered Emily Dickinson a few years ago. She was a prolific poet but very shy and only ever had a dozen or so of her verses published in her lifetime. I felt a bit of an affinity with her. Over the years I have taken thousands and thousands of photographs yet rarely had the courage to put them in the public domain. Continue Reading →

Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks

I was saddened to read of the death of the wonderful Oliver Sacks today. He announced in February that he had terminal cancer. He was a brilliant neurologist and speaker and I enjoyed his books and lectures. Visual hallucinations are very common among the mainly elderly patients I examine in practice. Often these patients are too frightened to admit to them unless questioned directly. The perception among the general public is that hallucinations = going mad. In fact some 10% of visually impaired people experience hallucinations and these have a name; Charles Bonnet Syndrome. Oliver Sacks himself was visually impaired and experienced these hallucinations first hand. Continue Reading →

iPhone Portraits

Hipsta Portrait 135

I primarily shoot portraits but have never thought of the iPhone as a portrait camera. It isn’t really. it’s a fairly wide-angle lens and wide angle lenses aren’t terribly flattering to faces, particularly noses! Basically, the longer the lens, the more the features are flattened and flattered. Many pros use a 70-200mm lens. I love my 135mm prime. But nothing ventured Continue Reading →


Hipsta 120

I’m so late to the Hipstamatic party I know. Like a lot of folk I’m wedded to my iPhone 6: I text-chat and WhatsApp with friends, surf the web, use Facebook and play the odd game. It’s weird then that as a keen photographer I never really used the iPhone camera for anything other than photographing important communications from my son’s school (to keep them in one place), shopping lists, gift ideas etc., and the odd social  media profile selfie. Recently that changed when I took a short course with BPSOP  under Holly Higbee Jansen. It was a spur of the moment enrollment because it looked fun and I fancied doing something a world away from my DSLR. Sometimes shaking things up a bit can be a good thing and give us a fresh perspective. Continue Reading →

The Happiest Musical Instrument…

…surely has to be the ukulele!

My gorgeous and very talented friend Chris created his own ukulele orchestra about three years ago and recently asked me if I would photograph one of their sessions. So I went along and was introduced to one of the happiest and nicest groups of people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Continue Reading →

Raunds Choir Recording Session

This week one of the choirs I sing in was fortunate enough to be invited to use Ferrers’ School recording studio. This was all thanks to our assistant director Chris. We managed to pick the hottest day of the year so far for our session and sitting in the studio was like being popped in the oven at Gas Mark 8! I think we shed several pounds each during the couple of hours we were there! Continue Reading →