A Force of Nature!

Sue 62 web

The title of this piece describes Sue Peel, an inspirational singing teacher and choir director. She’s a bundle of energy and enthusiasm rolled into one petite package. Sue saw the photos I’d produced for Raunds Community Choir, and A Different Direction, and asked if I would photograph her choir, The Seagrave Singers. She wanted an informal record of their rehearsal for their Christmas performance. Continue Reading →

A Different Direction Choir

I sing in two choirs. Blame Gareth Malone…he started my obsession with choral singing.

Now when you are known for being a photographer friends assume you can just show up, wield your camera and all the shots will be terrific. But generally friends want you photograph stuff out of your comfort zone in crap light…or maybe that’s just my friends…well one friend in particular. Remember Chris? He of the uke group, which meets fortnightly in a small, badly-lit room in Raunds? Well he also runs one of the choirs I sing in and needed photos for the website. A Different Direction Choir is lively and fun but the room we meet is poorly lit by those ghastly fluorescent tubes beloved of council-run buildings countrywide.

Still nothing ventured… Continue Reading →

Raunds Choir Recording Session

This week one of the choirs I sing in was fortunate enough to be invited to use Ferrers’ School recording studio. This was all thanks to our assistant director Chris. We managed to pick the hottest day of the year so far for our session and sitting in the studio was like being popped in the oven at Gas Mark 8! I think we shed several pounds each during the couple of hours we were there! Continue Reading →