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Hallucination, Illusion or Misinterpretation?


Most people viewing this pattern feel visually uncomfortable and disorientated because it’s designed to make you feel that way. Now imagine feeling like that all the time, as though every surface has that pattern on it. To a person with dementia changes in colour, or shadows on a path,  or the pattern on wallpaper can produce the same effect. The world can be a visually terrifying and uncomfortable place for them. Continue Reading →

The Homework Selfie!

IMG_6877Image Copyright symbol Debra Grant 2015 IMG_6878Image Copyright symbol Debra Grant 2015

Homework seems to be the bane of most parents’ lives. Certainly the ones I know anyway. But one subject which my twelve-year-old really enjoys is art. It doesn’t stop him stropping about the homework but at least once he settles to the task in hand he actually seems to relish the challenge. This week he had to create a self-portrait collage. He was unusually animated about it when he came in through the door. Continue Reading →

A Question of Ethics

Digital illustration of a dna


Ok this isn’t anything to do with visual psychology, but medical and scientific ethics is also something I think about quite a bit both in relation to medical funding issues and also with regard to the question of how much it’s ‘right’ for us to interfere with nature.

Obviously because of my work the area I’m most interested in relates to vision, and recently I’ve been reading a lot about inherited eye disease. Continue Reading →